10 Essential Anxiety Solutions with Hemp

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These days, most people suffer from anxiety to some extent. The world is stressful, now more than ever. Humans have been using cannabis to help with anxiety for a long time, but improper use can have a counterproductive effect. Most people find that CBD and/or low amounts of THC can be helpful for anxiety, while high amounts of THC can worsen it. What works best also depends on the source of the anxiety. Today, there is even more information and options for anxiety and stress relief than ever. 

Go-To Hemp Solutions for Anxiety

CBD is widely regarded as the most effective cannabinoid for anxiety. Whether it’s CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum, or Full Spectrum, CBD has been consistently shown over the years to be an effective remedy. CBD calms the body & mind by interacting with CB1 receptors in the brain without causing intoxication. Gummies & tinctures are popular options for CBD. A recommended dose for anxiety is 25-50mg, though some may start with 10mg. 

Delta 8 THC has the best track record of helping with anxiety compared to other forms of THC like Delta 9, 10, THCv, THCP, and THC-O Acetate. While the others can be helpful in certain doses, situations, or with certain people, Delta 8 is overall the most calming and the least likely to cause paranoia or other unwanted side effects. Some compare the effects of Delta 8 to that of wine, and it’s most often consumed as a vape or gummy. We suggest starting with 5-15mg. 

HHC is a staff favorite for daytime anxiety relief. For most, it’s similar to a strong dose of Delta 8 but with added energy and euphoria. Many of us at Modern Apotheca have found that HHC has a beautiful effect on anxiety. Its uplifting, mood-elevating properties dispel the stress and worries of the day while putting a smile on your face. A good starting dose for most is 5-10mg. 3Chi’s HHC vapes are a blend of HHC and Delta 8, making them one of the best products for stress/anxiety in our store (in our opinion). 

Delta 9 THC has been a popular solution for years, usually in the form of good ol’ cannabis flower. Delta 9 has a higher affinity towards causing anxiety than Delta 8 or HHC. However, with the way Delta 9 interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, in smaller doses or accompanied by other cannabinoids like CBD, the positive effects from Delta 9 can melt away or dull anxiety to varying degrees. Because too much can be counterproductive, the suggested starting dose is 2-7.5mg. 

Best Strains for Anxiety

Hybrid and Indica products tend to be best for anxiety. Across the board, whether it’s THC, CBD, or HHC, Indica products are the most sedating and tend to help the best for anxiety. However, it’s not always that straightforward – for instance, a relaxing wedding cake gummy right before a highly demanding activity might lead to decreased functionality and increased worry for some. In this situation, a happy and uplifting Sativa hybrid like SVF OG or a potent middle-of-the-road hybrid like Cali Kush might be a better option. 

In terms of terpenes, among the best for anxiety are limonene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, myrcene, and linalool. So look for strains that smell/taste lemony, peppery, piney, Earthy, and floral, respectively. These terpenes tackle anxiety in varying ways. A lot of hybrids naturally contain a good blend of these terpenes. 

Among these hybrids is Blue Dream, a strain high in Myrcene and well-known for being helpful for social and general anxiety. Cali Kush, O.G. Kush, Bubba Kush, and other Kush strains tend to have a good blend of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, and you can usually find one of them on any top 5 strains list for anxiety. Grandaddy Purp is high in Myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, making it another good option. 

Stronger Solutions

Are CBD, Delta 8/9, or HHC not quite doing the trick? Whether you’re dealing with a high tolerance or a complicated blend of anxiety and pain, sometimes a more complex or specific solution is needed. 

CBG isn’t at anti-anxiolytic as CBD for most, but it can still make a significant impact. It can also help with focus and focus-related anxiety. CBD + CBG products can be excellent for stronger non-intoxicating daytime anxiety relief than just CBD. 

THC + CBD is often helpful for anxiety in small doses. THC and CBD complement each other and each bring something different to the table. To put it simply, THC uplifts one’s mood, while CBD slows the mind. Xite’s 5:1 gummies have a great ratio for an anxious mind. 

CBN is typically marketed for sleep, but its thought-slowing effects can make it a great addition for someone who needs an extra boost. Just don’t use too much if you don’t want to pass out!

Delta 10 can heighten anxiety in high doses and even low doses for some people. It’s not always a great solution, both for those experiencing focus-related anxiety, Delta 10 can be a helpful aid. Treetop Hemp’s Delta 8 + 10 Disposable vapes have a blend that’s great for both pain and anxiety. 

Other herbs & compounds like Kanna and Reishi mushrooms can help a lot with anxiety and confidence. Galaxy Treat’s Delta 8 + Kanna gummies relax the mind and body while also giving a serious confidence & energy boost. The Shruumz chocolate bars contain three types of mushrooms which all have a natural, holistic effect on mood and energy. Combined with 5mg of HHC per square, they offer a great mood lift that’s very popular among our customers. 

What Products Trigger or Worsen Anxiety?

While one person might never experience anxiety from cannabis or be able to tell a difference between different products’ effects, others are very sensitive to the differences and effects.

Sativa products like 3chi’s 9o Pineapple Express vape are great for people looking for a fun, energetic high, however, the terpenes found in these products may worsen or trigger anxiety in some. Hybrids and Indicas tend to help better. 

High doses of any THC/HHC product have a strong chance of creating or worsening anxiety. While some people might simply sleep away a strong dose, others can respond with high amounts of overthinking, worry, and even panic. This is usually caused by an overreaction to the physical side effects of a large dose, including an increased heart rate, coupled with an inability to normally process what’s going on. 

Using Cannabis to Overcome Long-Term Anxiety 

There’s a relatively new technique that some cannabis users are implementing to overcome long-term anxiety. These anxiety-prone users will use certain sativa products or higher dosed products to induce an anxiety attack, and then they will use meditational/grounding techniques throughout the experience to re-teach their brain how to respond to anxiety. Many have found improvements in their anxiety through this method. We always suggest talking to a health professional about making medical decisions. 

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None of these statements are supported by the FDA and they come from our own experiences, observations, research, and from customer feedback. While we consider ourselves hemp experts, we also suggest consulting with your health professional. Enjoy responsibly!

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