CBD for Lower Blood Pressure?
Can CBD Lower Your Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is one of the most common health issues in America. About one out of three American adults suffer from high blood pressure, which is about 70 million people. High blood pressure is associated with higher risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease. 

For many, pharmaceutical medication is often the go-to solution to lower blood pressure. But, these medications don’t work for everyone and often provide major kickbacks to pharmaceutical companies. While medication is necessary for some, there are also natural ways to lower your blood pressure levels. 


Incorporating movement at any level of intensity can do wonders for your blood pressure. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help reduce blood pressure by about five to ten Hg. If high intensity interval training or weightlifting isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. Simple movements like walking, swimming or jogging can be just as beneficial. 

The important thing is to stay consistent to continue making progress with your blood pressure. But, don’t fret if your body needs rest and relaxation. Focus on movement that feels good to you. The more you enjoy moving your body, the easier it is to maintain an exercise routine. Talk to your doctor or a personal trainer about developing an exercise program that’s personal to you.


One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is increased sodium intake. Most processed “junk” foods are very high in sodium, so limiting it is an effective way to lower your blood pressure. An ideal amount of sodium for the average adult is 1,500 milligrams or less. But, everyone’s dietary needs are different. Consult with your doctor for a better estimate on how much sodium is best for you. 

The most common diet for lowering blood pressure is the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) which consists of a diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, lean meat and foods low in sodium. Foods to limit or avoid include full-fat dairy products, fatty meat and foods high in saturated fat and sodium. 

While the DASH diet can be effective at lowering blood pressure, it can be fairly restrictive. It’s important to remember that diets can be helpful, but also harmful. Don’t be afraid to have leeway within your diet while still nourishing your body with what it needs. 


Another common cause of high blood pressure is stress. Stress can be caused by work, personal issues, societal issues etc. It can also manifest itself in many forms. When we’re stressed, our nervous system releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones put your body into emergency mode, causing high blood pressure, anxiety and other problems. 

There are many ways to manage stress naturally. Try giving yourself plenty of time to recharge after a stressful event. Prioritize your sleep schedule and self care. Just like our other tips on lowering blood pressure, exercise and nourishing food can also be great stress relievers. Other natural remedies such as CBD, meditation and breathwork can also be helpful. 


Consuming too much alcohol is known to cause a multitude of health issues, high blood pressure being one of them. Most experts agree that drinking in moderation is okay for most adults, but excess alcohol can raise your blood pressure by several points. Alcohol consumption can also increase your risk of hypertension, heart attack, stroke and heart disease. In fact, alcohol-related deaths in the U.S average almost 100,000 per year. 

Too much alcohol can also reduce the effectiveness of certain blood pressure medications. If you take any medication for your blood pressure, please talk to your doctor about how much alcohol is best for you. 


CBD (cannabidiol) is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is used for a variety of health issues. Common uses for CBD include sleep, anxiety, arthritis and other inflammation issues. But, there is evidence to suggest that CBD can help regulate blood pressure. 

One study from 2017 showed that CBD greatly reduced blood pressure levels in patients who were under stress and at rest. Other studies have suggested that CBD’s effects on blood pressure will depend on the dosage. Research into CBD is still in early stages, but has already been recognized by the FDA and WHO for its potential benefits. 

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While the connection between caffeine intake and blood pressure is still being studied, too much caffeine has been shown to spike blood pressure by as much as 10 mm Hg. But, mild to moderate caffeine has been shown to have little effect on blood pressure. 

An excess in caffeine can cause increased heart rate, anxiety and lack of sleep. These symptoms mimic stress responses, which could also have an effect on your blood pressure. 


CBD is just one of the natural ways to help lower your blood pressure. CBD oil or edibles can potentially be very effective. As always, please talk to your doctor before trying CBD if you already take blood pressure medication. Shop our CBD products here.

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