Fine-Tuning Your Personal Cannabinoid Profile

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Cannabinoids? As you know, everyone has a different reason for medicating with cannabis. Whether you need anxiety relief, sleep aid, focus, mood elevation or a combination, cannabis can be your remedy. But, not all cannabis products are created equal. Depending on what you need, you need the right product, and more importantly, the right cannabinoid profile. 

What is a Cannabinoid Profile?

Like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, hemp is home to hundreds of cannabinoids, each with their own unique properties and effects. CBD may be perfect for some patients, while delta-8 may be more effective for others. In most cases, using a combination of cannabinoids usually yields the best results. But, how do you know which cannabinoids are right for you?

Sleep Aid and Anxiety

Cannabinoids can help with sleep, stress and anxiety. Sleep aid and anxiety relief are probably the most common reasons why people use hemp products. Ideally, CBN and delta-8 are go-to compounds for better sleep and reduced anxiety. CBD is known for regulating sleep patterns and promoting relaxation. While delta-8’s mildly intoxicating effects are great for relieving anxiety.

Does this sound like the perfect profile for you? Check out our Comfortably Numb vape cartridges with the perfect blend of delta-8 and CBN. 

Energy and Focus

The right cannabinoids may help increase energy and focus. If you need help with energy and focus, CBG and delta-8 are perfect. Unlike CBD, CBG seems to react directly with your CB1 and CB2 receptors, making it ideal for mood elevation and pain relief. Combined with the driving force, delta-8, the 2 compounds provide an energetic effect that promotes better focus. 

Luckily, our new uplifting vape products from Hummingbird Extracts have just that combination. 

Pain Management

Specific cannabinoids, like Beta-C, are may be very helpful in reducing inflammation and pain. Just like anxiety relief and sleep aid, pain management is one of the most common reasons for using cannabis. CBD seems to be more effective than other cannabinoids at treating pain because of its higher presence in the cannabis plant. 

Studies into CBD for pain relief have increased in the last few years, and the compound, especially coupled with other compounds like delta-9 THC and CBG, are effective at treating arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain to name a few. 

Gut Health and More

Did you know cannabis can be effective for treating gut health? CBD and CBDa work perfectly together to balance gut bacteria and relieve bloating and inflammation. CBDa has also been shown to be effective for those suffering from epilepsy and depression. 

Luckily, our Dr. Herb’s CBD and CBDa tincture is the perfect product. And, as a sublingual, the onset of its effects happens much faster than ingesting an edible or capsule. 

We know picking your ideal cannabinoid profile can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to help! If you have questions about which cannabis product is right for you, stop by our storefront and we’ll walk you through our products and answer any questions you have.

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