Modern Apotheca Leads the Way for Woman-Owned CBD Businesses in North Carolina

CBD Education in North Carolina

Modern Apotheca is a hemp and CBD specialty store in Ralieigh, NC that advocates for cannabis education and legalization in North Carolina. Modern Apotheca co-founder and owner Corey Stahl was recently featured alongside fellow local female cannabis business owners by UNC’s Media Hub. Their story aims to break the stigma surrounding not only the health benefits of hemp and CBD, but also the role of women in the cannabis industry. 

Along with the owner’s of The Hemp Store and Medicine Mama’s Farmacy in Raleigh, Corey discusses her personal story with CBD and how it led to Modern Apotheca’s inception in 2018. After years of battling Crohn’s Disease, she was tired of the frequent hospital stays, harmful medications and time spent away from her children. 

“CBD made such an impact in our lives, my health and my recovery journey…I found CBD and it made a world of difference” explains Corey.

Prior to trying CBD, Corey was taking almost 20 different medications to manage her Crohn’s Disease. She spent 2 years homebound and was frequently in and out of the hospital, keeping her away from her children. After discovering the amazing health benefits of CBD, Corey, along with her husband Eric, decided to spread the word and the benefits of hemp and CBD with their Raleigh community. 

Normalizing CBD & Cannabis with Education

Walking inside Modern Apotheca is reminiscent of walking into a medical cannabis dispensary. Corey and Eric have a wide variety of hemp-derived products; hemp flower and vape products, tinctures and oils, edibles and topicals. With a dedication to customer service, education and consultation; they Stahl’s mission is to “to share the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis with our community.” They were even one of the very first stores in North Carolina to carry delta-8 THC products, in early 2020.

Not only are they on the forefront of the hemp industry, they aim to normalize the stigma surrounding cannabis through education. Ask them a question about hemp, CBD, delta-8, legalization legislation or any other cannabis-related topic and they’ll have an answer for you. 

As a mom, Corey also aims to break the stigma around women who use cannabis, particularly mothers. 

She explains, “It’s always been, oh Mom’s allowed to have a glass of wine…it should be just as acceptable for moms to smoke a joint” 

Corey goes on to explain that the cannabis industry is particularly important for women like her who suffer from autoimmune disorders. Compared to men, women are much more likely to suffer from autoimmune disorders, making up almost 80 percent of cases across the U.S.

Corey and Eric want Modern Apotheca to be a place where women and men in the Raleigh community can purchase high-quality hemp, CBD and delta-8 products, while also being a safe space for education and discussion. 

With women only making up around 37 percent of executive positions in the cannabis industry, Corey, along with fellow woman cannabis business leaders, will continue to normalize cannabis and encourage more women to get involved in the industry. 

Visit Modern Apothēca’s store in North Raleigh today! Or, you can shop online to get your favorite CBD and delta-8 products.

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