Meet HHC-O: The Newest Cannabinoid on the Block


Learn more about hemp-derived HHC-O and HHC.

As you get used to all the new hemp-derived cannabinoids out there, more and more keep popping up. The newest cannabinoid hitting your local cannabis shop may be HHC-O. Basically, HHC-O is the stronger, more synthetic version of HHC. For more information on HHC, check out our previous blog post. 

HHC’s popularity has grown rapidly among our customer base for its uplifting, pain-relieving effects, contrasting the relaxing and sedative effects of delta 8. While HHC-O and its effects are still being researched, ideally it will have the same effects as HHC, but more potent. 

HHC’s popularity has grown rapidly among our customer base for its uplifting, pain-relieving effects, contrasting the relaxing and sedative effects of delta-8 THC.

What are the Effects of HHC-O?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information yet on the effects of HHC-O. Early user reports have emphasized a strong head buzz, uplifting effects and pain relief. Similar but albeit stronger than HHC, its milder counterpart. 

What makes HHC different from HHC-O? HHC is basically the hydrogenated form of THC, and is present in small amounts within hemp leaves and buds. It provides a mild psychoactive effect similar to delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. 

Meanwhile, the “-O” in HHC-O means that it’s been blended with acetic anhydride to boost its potency.  This process makes HHC-O about 1.5x as potent. So, if you’re a big fan of HHC but find that your body is starting to build a tolerance to it, consider giving HHC-O a try. As with every other cannabinoid, effects and potency are fairly subjective. Everyone processes and metabolizes cannabis differently. 

Should I Try HHC-O? Where Can I Find it?

The best way to know if a certain cannabinoid is right for you is to try it out and see how it affects you. Luckily, we have a small selection of HHC-O products available at Modern Apotheca. Our disposable HHC-O vape pens from Strange Clouds are the best way to try it without taking too much. 

If you prefer edibles, consider trying our new HHC/HHC-O gummies. With a mild dose of just 15mg, they are the perfect introduction to HHC and HHC-O. 
If you’re still on the fence about trying these new cannabinoids or have questions, please stop by Modern Apotheca for a full consultation with one of our hemp tenders, or visit our blog for more information. Have you tried HHC-O yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

What Products Contain HHC-O?

HHC-O 2 gram disposable vape pens from Strange Clouds are one of the most potent HHC-O products available in the market. Currently testing at pure levels of hemp-derived HHC-O and CBD, CBC, and strain-specific flavor infused cannabis blended terpenes. HHC-O typically gives an uplifting feel with a calming energy. Each HHC-O disposable contains approximately: 2000mg total extract HHC-O CBD, CBN, & strain specific flavor infused cannabis terpenes no VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent

These specifications make this product a very pure, highly concentrated vape product. It may be harsh on the throat to those who are not accustomed to concentrated cannabinoid products. Take small puffs. Do not exceed 3 seconds per puff.

What is HHC? HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC. This Cannabinoid is very similar to Delta-8 THC without any amount of Delta-9 THC. HHC has been discovered to be the most stable form of THC to date. The shelf-life of HHC is extended by saturating the molecule with hydrogen atoms.

Also check out these delicious Omega Mango flavored HHC + HHCO gummies from OMEGA! Each gummy is 15 mg, 10 gummies per pack.

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