Your Guide for Delta 8 THC Dosing: How Much Delta-8 Should I Take?

THC Dosing Guide

Delta-8 THC is one of the fastest growing hemp-derived cannabinoids on the cannabis market. With its mild psychoactive effects and comparison to the effects of marijuana-derived delta-9 THC, consumer use has only gone up. In many U.S states, delta-8 THC products can be purchased legally from CBD dispensaries, lounges, vape shops and even gas stations. 

Delta-8 can be used for recreational use, pain relief, anxiety, sleep and other issues. Most users report a similar euphoric effect to traditional delta-9 THC, albeit more mild and sometimes more sedative. Just like marijuana products in legal cannabis states, delta-8 THC products come in a variety of forms: inhalables, edibles, sublingual tinctures and even topicals. So, depending on your specific issues and personal preference, you can ideally find a personalized product to suit your needs. 

While delta-8 THC has become fairly well-known among the cannabis community, many users still aren’t sure on how much they need to take, especially at first. Too much delta-8 can cause anxiety, paranoia and confusion in some users. While too little can fail to treat the issues users are trying to address. 

Delta-8 dosing can be complicated and overwhelming. But, our guide can provide a baseline to better help you take the right amount of delta-8 for your needs. 

Source Your Products From the Right Place

Before trying any delta-8 THC products, it’s crucial to source your products from legitimate brands and dispensaries. Because the cannabis market is still very unregulated in the U.S, there is a wide range of quality and assurance among delta-8 and other hemp-derived products. 

If you’re new to hemp-derived products, it’s usually best to visit a specialty hemp shop or dispensary. Do your research, look at product reviews and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most specialty hemp shops are knowledgeable, educational and happy to help you find the right product. 

While not all delta-8 products in vape shops or other stores are necessarily bad, many lack the quality control and product knowledge most users need. And, since these stores typically specialize in vape products, their overall knowledge of delta-8 dosing and effects may be limited. 

Knowing Different Delivery Methods

Dosing for delta-8 products is measured by milligrams (mg), just like many other supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. But, a dose of delta-8 isn’t one size fits all. One of the biggest factors is the delivery method. 

Depending on each user’s specific issues and personal preference, a particular delivery method may be more effective. For example, if you have acute anxiety and need a quick onset of effects, vaping or tincture may work better for you. If you have trouble sleeping throughout the night, edibles may be more effective. 

While inhaling delta-8 through vaping or smoking provides the quickest onset of effects (typically within five minutes), the buzz usually fades within one to two hours. Sublingual tinctures usually kick in within 20-30 minutes and last about three or four hours. While edibles can take anywhere from one to three hours to take effect, their buzz can last up to six hours. So, depending on your preference, your dose may differ. 

This chart from Leafly describes typical effects felt after taking different doses of edibles. Products bought at a licensed dispensary will have their dosage clearly labeled, but the dosage of homemade edibles is much harder to determine.

Understanding Delta-8 Dosing and Tolerance

Delta-8 dosing is different for everyone and has many different factors. One of the biggest factors is simply understanding your mg dose per serving, versus total doses. For example, if a full 30mL tincture has a total of 1200 mg of delta-8, then each mL contains 40 mg. A 10-pack of delta-8 gummies with 400 mg of delta-8 contains 10 individual gummies with 40 mg each. 

Vaping and smoking are more difficult to measure. For example, if a 1mL vape cartridge has 950 mg of delta-8, it’s hard to know how many milligrams you’re getting in each puff. Most cannabis experts guess around two-five mg in delta-8 per few puffs from a vape pen. Luckily, inhaling delta-8 usually results in milder effects versus edibles and tincture, so you can control your buzz. 

As you use more delta-8, or any cannabis product, your body builds a tolerance for it. As your tolerance increases, so does your dose. If you find that your 20 mg edible isn’t quite doing it for you anymore, try 30 mg or even 40 next time. Some users also have a natural high tolerance to certain cannabinoids. 

How do you measure your tolerance to delta-8? The answer is mostly subjective. However, many cannabis experts and producers use this scale to judge a user’s tolerance to delta-8:

  • Low tolerance: 5 – 15 mg per serving
  • Medium tolerance: 15 – 50mg per serving
  • Large tolerance: 50– 150 mg+ per serving

What About CBD or Delta-9 THC Tolerance?

If you already have a higher tolerance to CBD and traditional delta-9 THC, you may also have a high tolerance to delta-8. But, it’s still best to go low and slow anytime you try a new cannabinoid. 

Other Factors That Determine Your Delta-8 Dosage

There are many other factors in determining your delta-8 dosage and how it will affect you. For example: 

  • Weight: while weight is not the only factor, people who weigh more tend to need a slightly stronger dose for their desired effect. Again, we recommend starting low and slow no matter your weight. 
  • Metabolism: Everyone’s body metabolizes cannabis differently, especially with edibles. Depending on how fast or slow your metabolism is, edible experiences may vary. 
  • Your desired effect: Some users don’t want a strong dose of delta-8, while others have severe issues or higher tolerances, requiring a high dose. 
  • Brand quality: Sourcing from high quality brands ensures you’re getting an accurate dose. Legitimate delta-8 brands may also have QR codes or links to lab reports on their packaging, as well as nutrition facts. 

The Bottom Line for Delta-8 Dosing

Finding your ideal delta-8 THC dosage takes a lot of trial and error. Thankfully, delta-8 THC is much milder than traditional marijuana and has no overdose potential. While taking too much can have short-term adverse effects, an ideal dose can aid in pain relief, sleep, anxiety and more. 

Remember to be your own advocate and source your delta-8 from a reputable brand or local shop. For high quality delta-8 products and information, visit us at Modern Apotheca

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