Water Soluble Delta 8 + CBD. What is Nano Emulsion?

Water Soluble Nano Tincutre

How Water Soluble Delta-8 is Changing the Edible Game

One of our favorite brands, Dr. Herb Remedies, has recently released a water-soluble tincture. One of our main vendor brands, 3Chi, has also released water-soluble delta-8 powder. What’s the difference between water-soluble and oil-based tincture? 

Water soluble tincture and powder can be easily dissolved into food or beverages, providing the delta-8 buzz we know and love, without added taste or smell. Oil-based tincture can be added to food, but won’t dissolve easily in beverages. And, for those of you who’ve made edibles at home, using oil-based tincture typically adds a “hemp” taste. 

While Dr. Herb Remedies water soluble tincture includes some added extracts to enhance its taste, 3Chi’s water soluble powder is delta-8 in its pure form. Their powder is stripped of any terpenes, fats or other leftover plant material to provide a tasteless, odorless product that can be added to any water-based product.

What is Nano Emulsion?

“Nano” refers to hemp molecules like CBD or Delta-8 THC that have been broken down into smaller particles, thus making it easier to absorb into the bloodstream. These nano particles offer more bio availability because they increase the surface area of absorption during digestion. Nano CBD and Delta-8 THC products are becoming popular due to their quicker onset and duration times as compared to traditional infused edibles and drinks.

Water Soluble Product Variety

Water soluble delta-8 THC allows for a wider range of products. You can add the powder or tincture to seltzers, lemonade, tea, coffee etc. Add some delta-8 distillate to your morning bowl of cereal or make yourself a delta-8 cocktail using your favorite mixers. The possibilities are endless!

Water-soluble delta-8 can also be added to frosting or glazes for yummy infused baked goods. This is a perfect option for those with dietary restrictions who prefer to make their own edibles at home. 

Faster Onset Time

Oil-based tinctures typically have a faster onset time than edibles, but water soluble tincture and distillate works even faster than its oil-based counterparts. Our bodies metabolize these water soluble compounds much differently than oil-based ones, leading to a quicker onset time (usually between 5-10 minutes for most users).

This is great news for users who need a faster onset of effects, without inhaling smoke or vapor. Water soluble products also allow for more control and experimentation. Traditional edibles take about an hour to start working, but their effects can be hard to predict. With water soluble based edibles, you’ll know within a few minutes just how euphoric you’re going to feel. 

Where can I Find Water Soluble Delta-8?

You can find Dr. Herb Remedies water soluble delta-8 tincture on our website, or by visiting our Raleigh dispensary. We’ll also have delta-8 seltzers, lemonades, teas and coffees available soon. Follow us on social media and sign up for our email list to stay in the know about new products hitting our store.

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